food combinations with cheese

Cheese is the epitome of rich goodness mixed with the much-needed serotonin boost. If you don’t eat cheese, you’re missing out on something amazing. Be it pizza, burgers, fries or literally anything, cheese is that one food that goes with them all. But have you ever tried some unconventional but popular combinations with cheese?? Well, worry not because here are the top 15 combinations you should DEFINITELY try with cheese.

1. Wine

Wine and Cheese, the best of both worlds blend together so well. Wine and cheese pairings have been in the run for ages. Almost every wine has a complimenting cheese. So pop open a bottle and get some cheese and voila! It’s a feast.


2. Chocolate

Chocolate is a staple at every household, isn’t it? Chocolate is food for every mood. But have you ever tried chocolate with cheese?? Because if you haven’t, you should. The varying flavors this combination gives will leave you just flattered. The best way to have it is making the infamous chocolate-cheese sandwich with loads of chocolate spread and grated cheese.

Image credit: Cabot Creamery

3. Crackers

Cheese and crackers are the ultimate savory combo. Every cracker with a touch of cheese, especially the flavored ones make the best midnight snack ever. Believe me, this combination is addictive.

Image credit: The Spruce Eats

4. Smoothies

Don’t get freaked out because yes, cheese in smoothies is a thing. Smoothies with a milk base and fruits along with some cheese is a great combination to try. The cheese will blend it well and offer a great texture and taste to your daily smoothie. Totally worth the try.

Image credit: Pinterest

5. Banana

Banana cut slices and cheese grated over it is one combination you HAVE to try. It weirdly goes together to offer you a rich creamy taste. You can also top it up with some chocolate spread and almonds.

Image credit: Eat This Much

6. Hot chocolate

We have already discussed how amazing chocolate and cheese taste together. But let’s talk about great hot chocolate and cheese taste. Whenever you whip up a cup of hot chocolate, put in some soft cheese and believe me you’ll be left smacking your lips.

hot chocolate
Image credit: Contours Travel

7. Coffee

Coffee is a must-have drink every day to survive but what if you put some cheese in it? Cheese has a very rich texture and taste which blends in with almost every food/drink so why not try it with coffee. The cheese will cut down on the bitterness and add a unique flavor to your coffee. A must-try for sure.


8. Cereals

Yes, cereals with cheese is a thing. Just another one of those experimental recipes that turned out to be great. I have seen people put some soft cheese with their cornflakes and have said that the taste is, in fact, good, so why not add this to the list as well.

Image credit: Nature’s Path

9. Pineapples and Apples

You may be wondering why I didn’t just write fruits as a whole point. This is because certain fruits go way too well with cheese than others, like in this case pineapples and apples. You may already be having pineapple with cheese on your Hawaiian pizza but have you ever have pineapple pieces with small cheese cubes? It’s worth the try, the two different tastes blend so well together. You can even barbeque these two together. And well, apples? Try making apple chips and cheese sauce, the sweet and the salty tastes are to die for.

Pineapples and Apples

10. Nuts

You HAVE to try this if you haven’t yet. Roast some cashews, almonds or walnuts and garnish with some salt, pepper, AND grated hard cheese. The salty taste will leave you wanting for more. Or you can just serve nuts with your cheese platter, these go together perfectly.


11. Potato Chips

This is one combination that has existed for years and will continue to do so. The best way to have potato chips with cheese is by laying out any chips on a plate, grating some cheese over it and warming it up and THAT is the best, most satisfying snack ever.

potato chips
Image credit: Idaho Potato Commission

12. Corn Kernels

Corn and cheese are known to be the best of friends but you can modify this combination in so many ways. Cover your corn on the cob with cheese or make your boiled corn with loads of cheese. The best way to enjoy this combination is by making the cheesiest popcorn. Well, you can never get enough cheese.

Image credit: Taste of Home

13. Meats

Every meal is very capable of having that cheesy taste to it but meats stand over all of them. Adding a cheese stuffing to your meat or grating the best cheeses over them is the perfect way to have your proteins. I am sure you’ll agree once you try.


14. Green Veggies

This is my personal favorite. Cheese makes everything better, even the plain old green veggies. Toss your green veggies in a pan with just a little salt, pepper and cheese and watch this salad turn into heaven for you. One bit of cheese can turn your meal 180 degrees. Cheese goes best with spinach, broccoli, and beans. You can always make yourself a great sandwich stuffing with green veggies and cheese. Healthy AND satisfyingly tasty.

Green Veggies
Image credit: Keto-Mojo

15. Jams and Marmalades

Certain jams offer a bittersweet taste and when you mix a hint of cheese in them, that taste is to live for. Jams and marmalades actually complement a variety of cheeses really well. It’s about time this combination started gracing your toasts.

Jams and Marmalades