weird traditions around the world
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Human civilization has grown a lot in all its years on the earth but there are some things that we do that make us question what we were thinking. How can anyone come up with this sort of thing? Some of those weird traditions and customs are listed below:

1. Blubbing Brides:

This is the tradition of China in which brides cry for a month before their wedding and is considered a part of the wedding preparations

Blubbing Brides:

2. Foot Binding: 

This is also a tradition in China in which girls from the age of five are made to bind their feet so as to stop them from growing bigger. This tradition was followed until recently as small feet were considered a symbol of beauty.

Foot Binding:

3. Rituals after death:

In Brazil and Venezuela, when a family member dies, he or she is burned and the ashes are consumed by the rest of the family. Their belief is that this pleases the dead souls.

Rituals after death:

4. Jumping over the babies:

Men in Spain dress as the devil and jump in between the babies laid on the street on mattresses to keep the devil at bay.

Jumping over the babies:

5. Fear of red ink:

In South Korea, it is taboo to write the name of an alive person in red ink as in the past, it was used to write a dead person’s name.

Fear of red ink:

6. Witches’ Night:

The night which falls between feast day of St. Jacob and St. Phillip is called the witches’ night. It is believed that on this day, witches on their broomsticks soar in the sky and bonfires are burned to bring them down.

Witches’ Night:

7. Initiation:

This is an initiation tradition of Satere Mawe for boys of age 13 to become men. In this tradition, the boys have to endure the bites of angry bullet ants for 10 minutes to be called a man.


8. Broken Dishes:

In Denmark, the newlyweds are made to clean up the dishes broken by their friends and family. This is believed to bring good luck as well as teach the newlywed to face the difficulties together.

Broken Dishes:
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9. Famadihana:

This tradition is followed in Madagascar where the people dance around with the dead bodies of their ancestors wrapped in fresh clothes.


10. Baby Throwing:

This is a tradition in the southern part of India, in which newborn babies are thrown from the top of Sri Santeswar temple and the family members catch them. This is believed to bring good luck to the babies.

Baby Throwing:

11. Muharram:

To honor the sacrifice of Muhammad’s grandson Hussain, on the morning of Muharram, people beat themselves with chains in the mourning procession.


12. Pre-Wedding Ritual:

In Scotland, before the wedding, eggs, spoiled milk and other disgusting things are thrown at the bride to ‘blacken her’ and then taken around the town.

Pre-Wedding Ritual:

13. Walking on burning coals:

In China, the husband carries his pregnant wife over burning coal with bare feet. It is supposed to bring good luck.

Walking on burning coals:

14. Giraffe’s Neck:  

In Thailand, women wear rings around their necks from the age of five to make it longer, as long necks are believed to be more beautiful and elegant. As their age increases, the number of rings increases.

Giraffe’s Neck:

15. Placenta Eating:

In some parts of India, it is believed that eating the placenta after giving birth brings lots of nutrients.

Placenta Eating: