Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors

1. Olive Oil-Saffron with Burnt Caramel Swirl

Olive Oil-Saffron with Burnt Caramel Swirl
via – Food52

This Potent Saffron and sweet caramel flavored Icecream would surely be the star of the table and would take your dessert game a notch higher!

2. Coconut Avocado

Coconut Avocado
via – Foolproof Living

This smooth dessert is a bit savoury and a bit sweet — and it tastes delicious with hot fudge.

3. Strawberry Fennel

Strawberry Fennel
via – Food52

Though many of you’ll think that fennel would be an unnecessary addition to your ice cream, but trust me fennel plays a supporting role in this lightly sweet berry ice cream and doesn’t overpower the strawberry flavor at all.

4. Marshmallow Cereal

Marshmallow Cereal
via – Sugar Swings!

Ice cream for breakfast? It seems perfectly reasonable if there’s cereal in it. By soaking milk in your favorite marshmallow cereal, the ice cream is deeply infused with its flavor and thus makes it one of the weirdest but tastiest flavors possible!

5. Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Cheese
via – Foodbeast

Everyone loves ice cream and everyone loves cheese, but only a few would have thought about putting them together. Still, it’s an unexpectedly warm and cozy flavor and of course, a must try.

6. Lavender and Honey

Lavender and Honey
via – Food52

You might think lavender is for flavoring hand soaps and deodorants, but the sweet floral lavender is one of the tastiest edible blooms and pairing it with honey just makes it better!

7. Rose

via – Salt Pepper Skillet

These flowers don’t just look pretty. Their fragrance can be used as an infusion to make a decadent and delicate ice cream.

8. Indian Carrot Halva

Indian Carrot Halva
via – Food52

This is one-of-a-kind ice cream based on the popular Indian dessert, Halva. The dense, sweet confection is light and refreshing. Icecream is a summer tradition, but you can always shake it up with this out-of-the-box flavor even in winters.

9. Cilantro Lime

Cilantro Lime
via – Cherry Tea Cakes

The slight spice of cilantro herb pairs well with a smooth ice cream base, which is counterbalanced by the tart lime. Unexpected tastes are the perfect way to refresh and impress friends and family, whether as an everyday dessert or a party finale.

10. Balsamic Blueberry Goat Cheese

Balsamic Blueberry Goat Cheese
via – ButterYum

Blueberry and balsamic are a tangy combination, perfectly mellowed out by goat cheese. The beautiful blue hue of the naturally roasted blueberries is for sure the point of attraction for this weird but must-try flavor.

11. Turmeric and Candied Ginger

Turmeric and Candied Ginger
via – PaleoHacks

Tumeric is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, a starring role in curries and of course the beautiful yellow color. But, who knew it even has the potential to be a wonderful ice cream flavor? Pair it with candied ginger for a touch of chewy sweetness.

12. Orange Blossom Fig and White Chocolate

Orange Blossom Fig and White Chocolate
via – Lambs’ Ears and Honey

Any refreshing citrus pairs perfectly with fig and super sweet chocolate. Be sure to use fresh orange juice for the best flavour.

13. Buttery Popcorn

Buttery Popcorn
via – Butter Popcorn

Better than munching on popcorn while watching summer blockbusters, scarf down buttery sweet ice cream instead. Pair it with salted caramel for the ultimate indulgence.

14. Peach Jalapeno

Peach Jalapeno
via – Pinterest

Don’t be afraid to add some spice to your sweet. Each spoonful of this unique dessert is creamy, fresh and comes with a jalapeno kick.

15. Cucumber

via – Green Evi

Cucumbers have a lot of skeptics, but trust me, this flavor of ice cream won’t. Juice from cucumber is used to create this dessert, making it especially light and refreshing.

How many of these would you want to try?