Amul illustrations

Whenever we think about Amul, there’s this one thing that comes to our mind. That cute little girl with blue hair wearing a white dress with red polka dots on it. We have seen her on billboards, tv advertisements, newspapers, social media; basically she’s everywhere. She’s the advertising mascot for Amul. Back then in 1966, Advertising Mascots were necessary for brands because of the lack of literacy, symbols were remembered by people much better. Similarly, the term “Utterly Butterly Delicious” also comes to your mind along with the Amul girl. On the contrary, if we observe how subtly they promote their brands and also celebrate with the person is creative and unique on different levels. Would you believe if I say that she’s 54 years old? 

1. Oldest Living Person

Tribute to the world’s oldest person, a Japanese woman of age 117. The cartoon speaks for itself. The acceptance of culture is showed by the cartoonist as our Amul girl is also wearing a Kimono along with our birthday girl. That speaks a lot.

2. Onion Prices Hike

Everyone could relate to this post. The price of onions for a period of time was insane. We could see the hike was affecting each and every citizen of India. This is how relatable Amul can get; understanding a middle-class individual’s life.

3. Sunder Pichai’s success

Sundar Pichai has made every Indian out there very proud by working hard and giving his 100% at all times. Reaching a position like him in a foreign country and making fellow citizens proud is something that needs great levels of courage, confidence, and dedication.

4. Winners of 2019 Nobel for Economics

This duo has made India proud in the field of Economics by winning the Nobel prize for our country. Their achievements are remarkable and they have worked hard to deserve this award.

5. The New President of our cricket board

Congratulating Sourav Ganguly on being elected as the President of BCCI.  It is a proud moment for all cricket enthusiasts.

6. The iconic ‘Kali Peeli’ Padmini taxis

Padmini taxis had a huge role to play in Mumbai. They were a part of the Bollywood film industry and it’s just so symbolic and historic at the same time. This was an emotional goodbye to all the Padmini Kali Peeli Taxis. Its journey ended on a good note, as the connection between these taxis and Mumbai as a whole is incredible.

7. Howdy, Modi!

Howdy, Modi! was organized and funded by the US-based volunteers in Houston, Texas on September 22 and about 50,000 people of Indian origin from across the country attended the event.

8. ISRO making India Proud

ISRO is working hard day and night to land on the surface of the mood. Amul, along with Prime Minister Modi and million other Indians, supports this mission and wishes for its success.

9. Mission Mangal

Mission Mangal is a hit Bollywood movie which shows the work behind ISRO’s mission to reach Mars. The stellar cast with Akshay Kumar as the lead has shown the insights beautifully.

10. Raksha Bandhan Special

Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrated in India where a brother swears on protecting his sister who ties him a Rakhi. It signifies a bond between every brother and sister.

11. Former President of India

Everyone loved this man and we could proudly say that he had no haters. He was the most down to earth man and had achieved a lot in life. He is an inspiration to many, our beloved Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. This is a mesmerizing post in his honor.

12. Sucess of Article 15

Article 15 has made a great impact on many viewers and we can actually say that now we see the world differently. The amazing script and the small details in this movie had everything to do with the success of this movie. Ayushmaan is known to do such roles where his acting skills are always tested and he’s successfully passed all the tests.

13. 87-Year-Old Fan cheers for Team India

Cricket in India is more than just a sport, it is an emotion. People of all age groups watch this game with the same level of excitement every time India plays a match against any other country. Obviously the excitement level is automatically increased 10 times when it’s a match against Pakistan. Out of so many cricket enthusiasts, an 87-year-old fan was spotted cheering the Indian cricket team with all her energy. She was famous all over social media and everyone applauded at her energy levels.

14. It’s Endgame

Amul is for sure a part of Marvel fan club! In her version of endgame, I bet no one is dead and infinity stones are replaced with bread.

15. Mumbai open for 24/7

Mumbai really does not sleep. You can see people having long walks by the Marine drive at 3 a.m. as well as friends chilling and having the best of their lives, along with families who go on long drives till late to enjoy the cold breeze. There is definitely something about Mumbai!