college stress

College is one of the most important phases of one’s life. It comes with a set of responsibilities, planning, career choices but with these aspects comes with a big hurdle, stress. It is inevitable to get rid of this college stress completely, but you can always work your way through things that can help you cope up with it. Here are some tips to help you so you can always be on your feet and not let the college stress pull you back.

1. Sleep well

Sleep well
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Getting a night full of satisfactory sleep is nearly impossible. But if you are sleep deprived, you’ll be more stressed and managing college-related things will be harder. College work doesn’t free up enough time to sleep well but try to have at least 6 hours every day and probably more on the weekends. This will increase your efficiency and keep you less prone to stress and other bodily problems.

2. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

I have seen people stress eating or skipping meals often due to stress or an overload of work. The more you stress eat or skip food, the harder it gets to handle stress. When I say eat your heart out, I am talking about the best food you can get into your body, the one that reaps the most benefits. Keep yourself full of fruits, milk, juices, veggies, etc. and you’ll see yourself having the energy to handle the stress and fight it.

3. Workout a little

It is hard to find time to work out in college but a little workout every day will bump the stress off the road. Whenever you feel stressed, go enjoy some physical activity or take a walk. Not only will it distract you from it but it will also be very beneficial to your body. Some people also relieve their stress through physical activities which is helpful for sure.

Workout a little

4. Do something fun

People often dwell upon stress and it’s not the healthiest thing to do. To deal with this stress, you have to distract yourself too. So why not indulge in something fun? You can play games, draw or do any random thing that doesn’t make you think about what’s stressing you out. It is a great way to have a little leisure time.

5. Work on your passion or hobbies

Do not let stress eat you up so much that you are not able to do work on your passions or hobbies. The stress becomes too overwhelming at times that it draws people away from what they love to do. So the next time you’re very stressed, reconnect with a passion or hobby, get to drawing something, painting something or just dance, sing or click photos. Do whatever helps to keep you going even if it’s a small thing.

Work on your passion or hobbies

6. Get your music on

Music has been a lifesaver for many, including myself. Music is known to calm a person down and a perfect escape from stress. Make yourself a nice playlist and listen to it whenever the stress gets too much to handle, music may just inspire you to deal with it.

7. Start meditating or do yoga

Breathing exercises like meditation and yoga are very helpful to calm down the senses and give more energy and not make any rash decisions. I’d suggest you start with at least 10 minutes every day, the visible differences will stun you.

Start meditating or do yoga
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8. Get massaged

Massages are a known stress buster. Stress often has bodily effects too which can be helped by a massage. Head out to get a massage once every few weeks and you’ll see your stress wearing away easily.

Get massaged

9. Spend some time with people

Dealing with stress can be overwhelming at times and we often need other people to help us get through it. Spending time with your family or friends can help a great deal. Since needing an outlet to destress ourselves is important, you can always turn to a loved one for help.

10. Make a plan

The college includes a lot of random things to be done being thrown your way and it does get too much at times. Scheduling this out may help with how much stress it gives you. Planning your college things out will make it easier for you to get through them with minimum stress.

Make a plan
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11. Be positive

Positivity is another way to induce a more optimistic approach to your stress-relieving. Things may be going wrong but there is no harm in keeping your thoughts positive. You’ll see this helping you when you undergo stressful situations.

Be positive

12. Treat yourself

Give yourself a desired break from college every now and then. This is a great way to be in good mental shape and have some stress-free time. You can rest, go out, shop, eat or just watch films. This is an important step in stress management. As long as your mind is healthy, you can overcome everything.

13. Learn to say no

It’s a hard job to do but a college is a place where you keep getting loaded with work and favors from other people. It’s okay to say no if the extra work stresses you out. Don’t overload yourself that you are exhausted. You need to put yourself before anything else.

Learn to say no
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14. Manage the stressors

Stressors can be anything, it can be a person, your room environment or your phone even. Sometimes these stressors can be something really important to you. But if these are causing stress to you, you have to learn to manage them. Figure out what stresses you out and devise plans to conquer them, it will make it easier because you will know how to handle the regular stress in your life.

15. Enjoy the stress

You can’t have a life without stress so you might as well enjoy it. Take your stress as a motivator to do better and work harder. Your attitude towards stress and stress-inducing things reflects how much it affects you and your functioning. Hence, try to add a little fun to the stress and take it as a learning lesson and something to help you grow. You’ll be surprised by much you conquer with this attitude.

Enjoy the stress