Every morning, do you stay in your bed until it’s too late to continue sleeping? Or unless someone else wakes you up? If yes, your excuses for this might range from Not Feeling Rested enough, to just Why not?

Regardless of your age, occupation or set of excuses, waking up early in the morning is one of the biggest favors you could do for yourself. It’s a seemingly small habit that can have significant impacts on multiple areas of your lives. If you are not convinced, here are the Top 15 Reasons to Wake Up Early in the Morning, that answer your Why’s.

1. Most Successful People Practice It

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Waking up early in the morning is one of the habits of successful people. Tim Cook, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama are just few of the many highly successful people who wake up quite early in the morning. This is proof enough of how this one thing can make room for great things to usher in. 

2. Quietness Fuels Focus 

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Early in the morning, especially before sunrise, there’s a lot of calm and quiet in our homes. And this makes it the best time to go all in, and focus. Whatever you need to get done, your focus determines your efficiency, followed by results. And if you’re getting an opportunity to cut the noise, you shouldn’t let it go in vain.

3. To Set your Own Priorities

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Waking up early has a lot to do with getting more time than usual. A usual day easily lets you get caught up in the monotony, and finish off only the routine tasks. However, these additional hours that you get can help you rearrange your priorities and work towards them.

4. To Make Room for a Side Hustle

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A side hustle refers to work that you do apart from your main job. It’s usually done to go deeper into something that you’re passionate about. A side hustle lets you work on your personal goals, along with making some extra money, without quitting your actual job. Waking up early allows you to invest time in your side hustle.

5. To Boost your Productivity

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Being an early riser has far-reaching benefits. And increased productivity happens to be one of them. You’re supposed to make use of the time you have in an entire day to do productive stuff. If you wake up early, you’ll be getting additional time to think more, plan more and do more. 

6. To Have a Lot More Extra Time 

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When you wake up 3 hours prior to your usual time, you get 21 extra hours in a week. And about 630 extra hours in a month. Imagine what all you can achieve with so much additional time than your usual workdays. That’s a huge advantage for one shift of habit.

7. To Work Out

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Looking after physical fitness is conveniently neglected owing to a busy schedule. And years later, the recovery of such losses becomes too much to bare. Working out, in whatever way you can (Exercising, Yoga, Running) is a huge step towards physical well being. Thus, a well-planned schedule will definitely help you invest time accordingly.

8. To Meditate

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Meditation is scientifically proven to calm the mind and body. It is also a great way to experience peace of mind, and a lot more clarity. Early morning meditations are extremely useful to rightly channelize your energy for the day ahead. And waking up early will help you to make necessary time for such vital mindful practices.

9. To Feel More Energetic 

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When you wake up early, and devote a good amount of time to your personal overall well-being, you automatically feel much more energetic throughout the day. Especially compared to a normal day when you have to force yourself out of bed, after snoozing your alarm a couple of times. Such insufficient sleep and a messed up routine is enough to make you feel low, and less productive.

10. To Uplift your Mood

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When you wake up early and get a chance to do the needful for your own self, instead of straightaway getting into the hustle of your daily routine, you are in a far better state of mind. Also, the fact that you’re sleeping well and devoting time to better yourself really does set the tone for a good mood. You can try for yourself and feel the difference.

11. To Change your Lifestyle  

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After a while, waking up early in the morning is bound to become a habit. And your habits become your lifestyle. It also leads to a cycle of giving yourself some alone time, letting your creativity flow, listening to your mind and body, and also going back to bed earlier. Such an uplifting lifestyle shift is something worth embracing. 

12. To Get Time to Reflect 

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The quiet offered by early mornings in and around you makes it a great time for reflection. To think about those things that have been happening in your life, to appreciate the good things and think about how to better the stuff you’re not really happy about. Self-reflection is very underrated in terms of problem-solving and getting ahead. 

13. To Experience Better Health

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Your overall health will improve drastically if you start waking up early in the morning. This is because you’re getting multiple benefits of doing so. The number one is getting sufficient rest, followed by more personal well being by exercising and meditating. It also elevates your mood. With the right practices for the mind and body, your health and wellness will ultimately become better. 

14. To Witness Sunrise

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Sunrises are one of the most scenic visuals that nature has to offer. The beauty of a sunrise or sunset can never be contained in certain number of words or even a photograph. It’s beyond description. And it is not just visually appealing to witness a sunrise, but also extremely powerful in terms of obtaining energy. You’ll never get tired of watching it, and it is one of the most amazing reasons of waking up early.

15. To Become your Own Better Version

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The right mind-set, action & consistency are all you need to achieve your goals. Waking up early is a head start to get into this process and make things actually work. You’ll notice significant differences in yourself when you work on this one habit, and allow yourself to make the most of these blissful hours. 

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Most of the times when we’re surrounded by mediocrity, our will to escape it and make our dreams work gets suppressed. A great way to not fall prey to this is changing your daily habits for the better. Waking up early is the key to unlocking various doors to a better life. And whether you accept it or do not, your daily habits dictate your entire life.