Gemstones are more than just blingy add ons to jewelry, precious items to flaunt. They are of historical and cultural significance. All the stones carry their different meanings according to their color and shape. Each stone has its own power and importance in one’s life. They have become popular for their therapeutic use as well. Take a look at the ones most commonly used around the world.

1. Alexandrite

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Alexandrite is one of the very rare gemstones. It is a valuable gem that comes from a variety of Chrysoberyl minerals. These types of minerals have the ability to show a sharp change in color from blue to green during day time and from purplish red to brownish red during an artificial yellow light. This stone is regarded as the June month birthstone. Alexandrite is worn for the purpose of healing and jewelry.

2. Amethyst

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Amethyst is also known as Jamuna. It is a violet-colored gemstone and is semi-precious. This stone belongs to the family of Quartz mineral. In accordance with astrology, the stone is worn to overcome financial stress, unhealthy addictions, and professional instability. Amethyst is believed to be an alternative to Blue Sapphire.

3. Ametrine

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Ametrine is a bicolored gemstone. It is found naturally and is a semi-precious stone. The stone comes from the Quartz mineral family. Ametrine is supposed to be a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine that are seen as slight lines of purple and orange on the crystal. This stone is supposed to be a substitute for Pitambari Neelam that is used for the purpose of healing.

4. Blue Sapphire

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Blue Sapphire is also referred to as Neelam Stone. It is of the Corundum mineral family and recognized as one of the fastest-working and powerful gemstones. According to astrology, the stone brings instant fame, wealth along with success to the person who wears it.

5. Blue Topaz

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Blue Topaz is a semi-precious stone. It belongs to the family of Topaz mineral. Blue Topaz has a much wide range of colors that range from sky blue to intense inky blue. This stone is recommended as an alternative to Blue Sapphire which is worn to gain good health, financial stability, and self-confidence.

6. Color Change Fluorite

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This color change Fluorite is again a very rare and unique gemstone. It is called so because of its fascinating color-changing ability from vivid blue to white to lovely pink in the presence of yellow light. This stone is highly used by the jewelry makers and a collection piece of gem collectors because of its beautiful color changing looks.

7. Swiss Blue Topaz

Swiss Blue Topaz is a very bright stone of blue color. It has a brilliant luster that differentiates it from the other stones. It is worn by the people born in December and is used in wonderful jewelry pieces.

8. Rainbow Fluorite

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As the name says, Rainbow Fluorite is a multi-colored crystal. It is said to have many therapeutic powers that protect a person from all the negative thoughts and bad health.

9. White Sapphire

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White Sapphire is also known as the Safed Pukhraj. It is colorless and therefore transparent. It is a very precious stone from the family of Corundum mineral. In accordance with astrology, this stone is an alternative to the diamond. White Sapphire is worn to achieve success in the user’s career, attain a wealthy lifestyle, and good physical health.

10. Aquamarine

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The name itself says that the stone is sea blue in color. Aquamarine is very beneficial for the ones who are born in the month of March. This gem helps to smooth the relationship between two people. This can be a perfect gift for newly married couples. The importance of this gem is that it symbolizes hope, health and wealth.

11. Citrine

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Citrine is a stone whose color varies from lemon yellow to orange-brown and is available in many different shapes. It is available in the market at a very affordable price. The brightness of this stone depicts the brightness of the sun and so it is believed that it is a gift of sun. This stone is perfect to put in gold jewelry. Citrine is believed to protect the user from the devils and venom of snakes and symbolizes prosperity and success.

12. Diamond

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Among all the different types of gemstones available in the market, diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance. They are attracted by both men and women and can be studded in gold, silver or platinum. Diamond is available in many sizes and colors. It is a symbol of love and desire.

13. Emerald

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One of the rare gemstones found is emerald. It is dark green in color with a bluish hue. It is a depiction of love, rebirth, and fertility.

14. Garnet

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Garnet is a unique gemstone. It is available in different colors and therefore is also known as a rainbow gemstone. This gemstone can be found in Russia, Africa, Sri Lanka and Namibia. It is a very good stone for the purpose of gifting. Garnet is for the safety of the user from nightmares and accidents.

15. Jade

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Jade is considered to be a royal gemstone that is studded in the crowns. This stone is famous among the royal societies and the Maharajas in the current time. This stone is smooth in texture and has a shimmer on it that is available in pink, lavender, and white color. This stone is a symbol of protection and prosperity.