dark web
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The dark web is the new trending topics among youths. It sounds very mysterious and fascinating but it is mysterious for a reason. For those who don’t know what dark web is, the internet which you can surf through search engines is called surface web and the rest is dark web. Dark web consists of 99.97% of the internet. The dark web is a place where all illegal activities are taking place and many organizational, governmental, or unlawful secrets are buried. Now I’ll inform you about 15 dark web websites which have crossed all the limits of creepiness.
Warning: There are many hackers on the dark web so if you are not a hacker or a computer expert, the dark web might be dangerous for you, they can steal all your information, sell it for money or blackmailed you with it.

Silk road

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It’s one of the most popular markets of drugs on the dark web. Fortunately, it’s been closed by the government but unfortunately, there are many websites which have been developed just like silk road. They sell all types of drugs from Marijuana to crystal meth and they also home deliver such drugs. It’s like the Amazon of drugs.

Hitmen services

hitmen services
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It’s very disturbing and very true that you can hire hitmen through the dark web. You will pay the hitmen in any currency acceptable as well as in bitcoins. There are many sites solely dedicated to such services, all you need to do is make the payment and send the picture of the person you want to kill. But it’s not as easy as it sounds because while making the payment and hiring hitmen you’re coming in contact with many dangerous people so don’t be shocked if your card details are stolen or if you’re blackmailed.

Human experiments

human experts
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There is no solid proof of the existence of such sites but there are thousands of stories. One person can lie, ten can lie but all thousands are not lying and also there are some disturbing videos which don’t make sense but theorists say that they are somehow connected to human experiments.

Blackmarket for weapons

blackmarket for weapons
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Just like drugs, there are many sites which sell and buy deadly weapons. You can buy anything, from a small pistol to a big bomb and even some sites have lessons on how to create the weapon or bombs but I think it’s safe to say all the people reading this article know how dangerous these activities can be.

Daisy destruction

Daisy destruction
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Daisy destruction is a dangerous website started by Peter Scully who along with his girlfriend abused and tortured young girls. The youngest girl was Daisy, who was just 18 months old and then there were some older girls as well who were 11-12 years old. The good thing is daisy destruction is down and Peter Scully is in jail facing 75 charges.

Human trafficking

human trafficking
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The dark web has a big network of human trafficking. Here you can buy or sell humans for money or bitcoins. Buying and selling such humans can be for any purpose like slavery, sexual abuse, etc.

Organ trafficking

organ trafficking
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Just like human trafficking, the dark web has a big network of organ trafficking and apparently many doctors and medical staff are a part of this network. It doesn’t need to be said but still for those who don’t know it, organ trafficking is illegal in the whole world.

Child porn and other fetishism

Child porn and other fetishism
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It is estimated by many people that 80% of dark web consists of porn of different types. Since most of the porn is allowed on the surface net, so mostly illegal porn is uploaded here. Example child porn, rapes, and animal abuse.

Red rooms

red rooms
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Red rooms are another horrifying concept of the dark web. These are live stream websites which accept money or bitcoins in exchange for torturing a person as per your order. These are horrible sites which can be dangerous for your safety as well as your mental health.

Pink meth

pink meth
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The concept of pink meth is that people sell the compromising pictures, phone numbers, address and all other information of their ex-lovers to a website and then the website blackmails the ex-lover with that information. It’s a very dangerous revenge porn site.

A network of terrorists

a network of terrorists
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The dark web is used by big terrorist groups to hire youngsters in their group. ISIS has many active websites on the dark web and the government is trying its best to shut down all such websites. Needless to say that joining such groups can land you in big trouble so you better stay away from these.

Summoning spirits and demons

Summoning spirits and demons
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Some creeps on the dark web have developed a website on how to summon demons and how to use spirits in your favor. That website talks about how to create new demons on earth or how to bring back the old ones.

Creepy games, videos and pictures

Creepy games, videos and pictures
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The dark web is full of creepy games, videos and pictures, most of these games, videos and pictures do not even make sense. One of the most trending games of the dark web is Sad Satan. Some people believe that these have lasting impacts on our subconscious mind.

Animal abuse

Animal abuse
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Dark web having websites about animal abuse doesn’t even seem shocking. These people are torturing kids, killing other humans, so abusing animals is not a big deal for them. A website on the dark web is solely dedicated to women crushing small animals.


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Cannibalism means humans eating flesh or organs of other humans. There is a whole website dedicated to cooking women. That website talks about what organs of women to eat and how to cook it so that such women live the longest.