We’re living in a generation which comes up with something new every month, in fact, every week there’s something new going on in the world which is obviously trending on all the social media sites and people are going crazy over it. Memes, for example, are the perfect example in the situation where the meme page owner has to be creative almost every day and come up with something new. Similarly, challenges that go viral instantly. When a famous person does this challenge it surely doesn’t take more than a day for the video to get viral. Trust me, it could even be only a matter of a couple of hours!

1. Flip the Bottle Challenge

A small backstory about the guy who made this challenge go viral! Mike Senatore, back as a senior at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina was hopping and dancing on the stage as he approached TV tray, he stopped at a distance and flipped a partially filled bottle on the TV tray which landed PERFECTLY. The crowd went crazy and Mike became a social media sensation overnight. He was aware that his fame was only going to last for a couple of more days and people would forget about it. Little did he know it would last more than a week, months, years; even today I still find people randomly flipping their bottles. Mike’s fame grew and he also gave a Ted Talk about his experience, appeared on The Colbert Report and Harry Connick Jr, did advertisements for Red Bull, LG and Sheetz convenience store. He even met the co-founder of Coachella. He also received $10,000 from Deer Park Spring Water, as it was the product chosen by Mark to use in the video that went viral.

2. Ice Bucket Challenge

The full name of this challenge is actually the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge. It was basically to promote awareness of the disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, basically a disease that causes the death of neurons that control the voluntary muscles of the body. It was done to encourage people for donating money to doing more research and spreading awareness of the same. It became viral in the year 2014. People doing these challenges started nominating their friends, family, foe, celebrities and so on. As a result, many famous people decided to take part in this challenge to spread awareness about ASL and to donate.

3. Kiki Challenge

The trend was originally started by an American Comedian Shiggy who practically danced in the middle of the road at night wearing a hoodie. His dance moves were so lyrical that it soon became viral which resulted in people trying to create more drama and kick in life by getting out of the car as it moved very slowly and dancing along with it and the driver or whoever is the third/fourth person takes a video of him/her dancing to this song in the background with similar dance moves as Shiggy.

4. Plank

It all started when a New Zealand Rugby player Chris Lowrey fulfilled a request by his fans who shouted and asked him to plank. Without further ado, Chris was planking on the ground. Can we call this challenge inspirational? After the pictures went viral on Facebook it soon became a meme and people around the world started planking on the weirdest and the most random places around the world. As a result, there was a flood of pictures in the planking position at the most random places around the world which included Disneyland to the Desserts.

5. Bottle Cap Challenge

Taekwondo ace Farabi Davletchin is the man who kickstarted this famous challenge. Later when Action star Jason Statham posted a slow-motion video of him taking the challenge that’s when it really spread like a yawn. It spread across countries and most fitness freaks had to try this. Many celebrities posted a video of themselves doing this challenge.

6. 10 Year Challenge/ 2009 VS 2019/ How hard did Aging Hit

This challenge had many names but the context was the same. It all started in 2019. It is harmless and rather self-loving, motivating and actually just feeling good about yourself or realizing how you’ve grown or turned out to be. It’s a socially acceptable way to brag about how you used to be and how you’ve changed. It was not only limited to pictures but also memes went viral and also hilarious yet motivating tweets in the context of how much one has achieved in the last 10 years.

7. Condom Challenge

Apparently it began when a video emerged of two men in Japan in swim gear doing this prank, One guy was sitting and the other was standing with a condom filled with water which was right above the other guy’s head and then he drops it on his head. It was posted on November 16 and more than 9,000 retweets later, it had to go viral and people named it the condom challenge. It was once said that its an initiative to promote safe sex.

8. Try not to Laugh Challenge

This is yet another challenge that went viral, who knows how and when. It is a challenge where a person reacts to certain funny videos and is dared not to laugh or react to anything that’s going on in the video. It’s a fun game. This challenge gave birth to several other challenges such as try not to cry, try not to sing along, try not to eat, etc.

9. Hot Pepper Challenge

It is similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge. The new challenge is simple: on being nominated, you have to eat the hottest pepper you can and donate. The milder the pepper, the more money you donate.

Hot Pepper Challenge

10. Whisper Challenge

The first-ever YouTube whisper challenge was created by Joe Sugg. In this video, he does a form of Chinese whispers with his friends where a single sentence is passed along the group. The last person has to say the original sentence out loud.

11. Mannequin Challenge

This challenge went viral in November 2016. In this challenge, people remain frozen in action like mannequins while a moving camera records them. The song often played in the background is “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd. Many people took part in this challenge and shared their videos online.

12. Karma is a Bitch

Does this dialogue sound familiar? If yes then you’re either a Riverdale fan or you’ve just stumbled upon these viral videos of people transforming themselves. It started in China, where people transformed themselves completely. At the start of the video, they are dressed in their normal casual clothes but then when the beat hits after the end of the dialogue they then throw a towel around themselves and Boom! Transformation!

13. The Blue Whale Challenge

This game doesn’t exist on papers and is not easily available, but those who know all about the dark web, know exactly where to find this game. This is not something that we every day come across, this is a life harming game that goes on for 50 days and ends up taking the player’s life in reality. There are no known rules but we sure do know that there are different levels daily up to 50 days in this game which are life-threatening and the last level is to take your own life, i.e., suicide. The initial tasks are as simple as listening to music but as days pass by the levels get harder. If the participant refuses to complete their task, the administrator who controls you and gives you the daily tasks will release, publish, share, and/or post something extremely personal from their accounts. Apparently, it is believed to have originated in 2013 from a 21-year-old psychology student who was expelled from university. The student claimed that he invented the game with the intention of cleansing society, by pushing those individuals to commit suicide, whom he deemed as having no value. That student was later charged and convicted of inciting suicide of a minor.

14. Tide Pod

In 2012 P&G introduced a new product called Tide Pods which was meant to make laundry easier, instead, it became viral to consume it like candy. Initially, there were just rumors of eating these pods until 2015 when The Onion wrote a piece where a child insisted on eating a Tide Pod. Later a meme from Twitter encouraged people to consume it as a joke but it was taken seriously as a challenge and people started posting videos of themselves consuming Tide Pods which in reality are very poisonous for human consumption.

15. The Dele Alli Challenge

#DeleAlliChallenge started when Tottenham Hotspur star Dele Alli scored a goal against Newcastle and celebrated his goal in the weirdest yet unique way possible which caught attention. Soon this went viral and people tried hard to imitate it. Videos and photos of people doing this went viral. It’s a fun, complicated challenge.