1. Shirako Japan

Shirako word means ‘White Children’. In this case, it is sperm sacs of cod, or anglerfish or puffer fish. It is said to have custurd-ious taste. People of Japan uses everything they get. This is really bizarre. And more and coming up next.


2. Tuna Eyeballs, Japan

Tuna is very famous in Japan. They even dist waste the eyes. They are sold very cheaply in the supermarket. You are supposed to boil it or steam it, then garnish it with garlic or soy sauce and then eat it. When it’s Tuna Japanese don’t waste it at all.


3. Balut, the Philippines

This is a fertilized duck egg. This is boiled and the hole is cracked. You are supposed to sip it first and then crunch whatever is inside, feathers, bones, and everything. Grosssssssss!!!!!!!!


4. White egg ant’s soup, Laos

Yup, as the name suggests, it is made up of eggs of ant. And on the top of it, they also add some ants to give it a sour flavor. This is, weirdly though, but a very popular dish and tasty too, as per reviewers say.

source : LostWaldo.com

5. Jellied Moose Nose, Canada

Canada never stops experimenting with everything they can possibly get. This Canadian dish is made up of exactly what the names says- Nose. They boil it with onions and spices, removing the hair, boiling again and covering it with broth. Would you ever have it?

source: twitter.com

6. Boshingtan, Korea

This soup is made up of one very out of the box ingredient, i,e, -dog meat along with dandelions and spring onions. This is now a rarely served dish popular among old Koreans.

7. Huitlacoche, Mexico

The word “Huitlacoche”, means sleeping excrement. This is a fungus, which is found on corns edges, covered in blue-black spored like thing. To most people, this is a disease, which needs to be thrown away, but for Mexicans, it is a menu special delicacy. Weird huh!

source: pinterest

8. Airag, Mongolia 

In Mongolia, they make a kind of beer called ‘Airag’ by taking a mare’s(female horse) milk and letting it ferment into a fizzy, sour and slightly alcoholic liquid. It’s traditionally served chilled in a bowl-shaped cup. Mongolians get high, with a neigh!

source: mongolia-trips.com

9. Casu Marzu, Italy

This is made of rotten cheese- the one that has really gone bad, like really bad. The larvae of cheese flies are also added to the dish and it is believed they help in digestion. This delicacy can be eaten with or with maggots. But this is so spicy that it looks like your tongue may burn.

10. Muktuk, Greenland

This is a traditional dish in Greenland, made up of – you won’t be able to digest- frozen whale skin. This is several layer dish, which has the skin, the fat, and a protective layer. Eating this dish is itself an adventure.

source: alchetron

11. Hakarl, Iceland

To prepare: They first gut and behead a Greenland shark, place in a shallow grave and cover with sand and stones. They leave it for two to three months, then cut into strips and dry for several more months before serving: first-time tasters are advised to hold their nose and try not to gag. This dish is a mystery itself, left for exploration. Why would anybody do that?

source: entomologymanchester.wordpress.com

12. Century egg, China

China is the most populous country in the world, it is obvious they may have some of the weirdest dishes of all time and this is exactly one of those dishes. The eggs are covered in salt, sand, and ash for months until the yolk is dark green. They then savor the taste, which for them is un-matchable. Of course, they wait for months.

source: Imgur

13. Salo, Ukraine

Have you ever heard of any country celebrating a festival especially for a dish? They have a festival of lard for this dish. And what they eat in this? The fat! Usually, it’s made into slabs, smoked and left in a cool cellar for a year before being eaten sliced thinly with rye bread.

source: pinterest

14. Stargazy Pie, England

Stargazy pie is a Cornish dish which is made of baked pilchards, eggs, and potatoes, covered with a pastry crust. A pie with fish gazing at the sky, so the name- ‘stargazy pie’.

source: whenonearth.net

15. Locusts, Israel

Israel was suffering from the plague of locusts. So they found a way to end them- By eating them. They are deep- fried, then dip-soaked in chocolate and served on a platter. What an idea, sirji!!!

source: Haretz