We Challenge You To Guess These 15 Short Forms Used In Text Messages!

How good is your texting game? Can your crack these texting lingo’s? In today’s lifestyle it is necessary to keep ourselves updated with the texting short forms that are used. We challenge you that to take this quiz and find out your IQ on these texting abbreviations.

Can you uncover all? Or do you need to improve your game? Let’s find out!

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    GOAT is the full form for –

    • Greatest Of All Time
    • Genius Of All Times
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    LOL is the famous internet slang for –

    • Loud One Lasts
    • Laughing Out Loud
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    What is the full form for LMFO?

    • Laughing My Foot Off
    • Laughing My Face Off
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    FOMO is the abbreviation used for –

    • Fear Of Missing Out
    • Formula Of Missing Out
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    OOTD is commonly used for –

    • Outfit Of The Day
    • Outfit Of The Daring
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    IDC is the short form for –

    • I Don’t Copy
    • I Don’t Care
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    BRB means –

    • Be Right Back
    • Bold Rare Badass
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    BTS is short for –

    • Behind The Scenes
    • Behind The Screens
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    BTW is short for –

    • By The Words
    • By The Way
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    FYI is short for –

    • For Your Information
    • For Your Impaitience
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    IRL is short for –

    • In Real Life
    • In Rare Life
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    TGIF is short for –

    • Thank God, It’s Funny!
    • Thank God, It’s Friday!
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    YOLO is used to describe –

    • You Only Live Once
    • You Only Lose Once
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    WFH is an abbreviation for –

    • Work From Heart
    • Work From Home
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    ROFL is short for –

    • Rolling On the Floor Laughing
    • Rolling On the Floor Lying

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Written by Asmita Mehta

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