adventurous things to do before you die

Top 15 Epic Adventurous Things to do Before you Die

The world is thriving with opportunities for something new and your life is unpredictable. Have you ever made a bucket list of things you wanted...

Top 15 Challenges that went Viral Around the World and their Backstory

We're living in a generation which comes up with something new every month, in fact, every week there's something new going on in the world...
unconventional dates

Top 15 Ideas for Unconventional Dates to Try

If you are one of those people who are tired of going to a café or a restaurant every time you want to spend some...
weird traditions around the world

Top 15 Weirdest Traditions Around the World

Human civilization has grown a lot in all its years on the earth but there are some things that we do that make us question what we...
horror thriller movies

Top 15 Horror Movies with No Ghosts

The horror genre usually has a lot of supernatural elements and jump scares that can make anyone be at the edge and sleep with a...

Top 15 Anime That Prove That They Are Just Not For Kids

Well, anime is nothing more than Japanese animation and animation is just for kids, right? Wrong. Anime has an array of subgenres and with that...
types of shoes

Top 15 Types of Staple Shoes you Must Have

Ask a girl to trim down her shoe collection to just a few pairs and she will freak out. Even if you have hundreds of...
most expensive cars

Top 15 Most Expensive Cars to be Ever Made

Through many years the automobile industry has been playing a vital role in the economic structure of the world. This industry has contributed to many...
cloth materials

Top 15 Popular Cloth Materials to Wear

Clothing has many functions, from functional to decorative. It could be a workplace necessity, dress code for an event or simply what you're up for...

Top 15 Gemstones That Are Most Widely Used

Gemstones are more than just blingy add ons to jewelry, precious items to flaunt. They are of historical and cultural significance. All the stones carry...
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